Watch your Wrist – Men’s Bracelets are Trending

Although you have seen them mostly in artistic environments, such as on musicians, when sitting in a coffee shop, even on athletes in the heat of competition, but now bracelets are being worn with suits, and in more formal situations. So, for those of you who like the look but were a bit apprehensive in the past we’ve got some great trending looks with bracelets that guys are sporting today.

First off, you don’t need to be wearing green cotton jacket, sparking up some Marley, around a fire to wear bracelets any more. Nor do you need to have so many that they reach your elbow but a nice subtle accent opposite your watch (for those that still prefer them to taking out your phone), gives you that fashion edge that we’re often referring to on this site. We start off with popular look of mixing metals with beads. It shows that you know how to put together a look and with and with cured’ nails anyone you’re meeting, that’s cognizant of the little things, will recognize and appreciate your attention to detail and fashion sense.

Leather bands can be more comfortable and easier to wear and will still look good with a suit, particularly when you unbutton the cuffs or sleeves during cocktails after work. Stick with a woven pattern as that is on point for multiple looks. TGM tip; go the extra mile and try to match the color with your shoes. As Bruno says “Head to toe so player”.





For those that like the look but perhaps don’t want to take the time to tie 4 bands individually, go with the multi-band connected where you can achieve the same look without the added work. This black and stainless steel from D & G ($79) has five separate bands all clipped together.

Bead and woven leather combinations. These have been the most popular and can go anywhere. The surfers look cool with them, they compliment a cool cotton blazer in the summer, and perhaps best with a linen shirt with rolled up sleeves.

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