Simple But Effective Home Exercises – Kettle Bell

Everyone one of us likes to be in good shape. Aside from just looking good, having more energy and feeling healthier are components for a happy life. Unfortunately, as much as we all want the results of working out, finding the time can be a problem as most of us don’t have a fully-equipped home gym to step into and grab a quick 30-minute workout to help us keep the pounds off. So, we have to do the best we can and we have a workout that can be done in a half-hour, in the privacy of your home or apartment, that doesn’t require a lot of space, and will yield the results of going to your local gym. Today we’re looking a high-intensity kettle bell workout.

We must first state that although kettle bells may seem like they are fitness flavor of the month but the truth is that they have been in existence for quite some time. The best part of working with kettle bells are that they are versatile and can improve your core stability, agility, power, and overall strength. The first exercise is pretty standard but yields big results, and we start with the

  1. KB Swing – This low impact cardio exercise will improve the power in the hips, running economy, and improved jumping. Start off with your feet shoulder width apart and the kettlebell about two feet in front of you. Hold on to the kettle bell with both hands and swing it backwards as if you were going to hike a football to someone then extend the bell fully to the front, exhaling as you stand and reach the summit of the arch. Be careful no to use your arms but your entire torso starting with you legs and let your hips transfer the power from your posterior muscles through your forearms. Recommended set: 20 reps at low weight.


2. KB Windmill – For all of us that have handles, and I’m not talking about your crossover dribble, yes, the handles that nobody loves. This exercise will help combat the dreaded ‘love handles’ as well as beef up your shoulders. The starting position is with the kettle bell overhead, then bend at the waist and make a point to keep your elbows and knees straight, stretch, and come as close to the ground as you can. As a bonus you get a good hamstring stretch so make sure not to bounce.

3. KB Lunge – Here is a great kettle bell exercise for those of you who like to run, play basketball, or tennis. Very simple but once again very effective. Hold one kettle bell in each hand, step forward with the opposite leg and lower to a squatting position to about a 90 degree angle then repeat with the opposite leg.

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