Avengers Endgame – Going Out On Top

When Avengers Endgame was announced, as a fan, I was both excited and concerned. Exited to finally see how some of the stories end and to get some answers to my plethora of questions. However, I was also concerned that writing would take the series in a direction that co-writers Lawrence Kasdan, J. J. Abrams and Michael Arndt took Star Wars four years ago with The Force Awakens, where there was no risk taking or surprises and instead presented us with a 245 million dollar rerun. Conversely, Avengers End Game delivered everything a final episode should and more.

Firstly, it did not stray from its previously established charter development (are you listening GOT?), secondly, despite multiple ending points from previous storylines and characters it found a way to tie them together without crating a foregone conclusion. Lastly, it had both surprises and drama and wasn’t something that we had seen along the history line before. However, I admit that I have not seen every installment of the Avengers series as many people have so I had to call in an true follower who has, in order to get an opinion for those of you whom have made this your saga of choice.

”The best part about Avengers Endgame in my opinion is that its three-hour run-time had no fat on it in the sense that it did not waste a second on exposition. Endgame focused only on the plot and tying loose ends to the infinity war saga, hence what made it great. Previous marvel movies wasted time on catching up those who hadn’t seen every origin story or title movie and this took away from the quality of them. If the same or similar in Endgame, some of the greatest scenes such as the girl power scene, Cap wielding mjolnir, Stark talking to his dad, Cap being reunited with his girlfriend, Thanos withering away to dust, or the Avengers Assemble scene etc. could have been shortened or omitted. Endgame came with the expectation that like reading a book, its viewers were not beginning on the 22nd chapter. This allowed for the movie to be filled with references to the previous films, all adding to the poetic ending. For the true marvel fans (ones who have kept up will all the shows, movies, etc), Endgame was enjoyable at every moment as not a second of our time was wasted. The producers made it very easy to pay 2-4 times to see it in theaters, contributing to why Endgame is about to rise to the highest grossing movie of all time. If not for its succinctness, Endgame would not have had the juice to go as deep and be as great as it is. “- Donald J. Miller

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