Audi Enters the EV Market in a Big Way with the E-Tron

The Audi E-Tron, also called by some the anti-Tesla has all of the stuff to be one of the top EVs of the year. It was set to go on sale in q1 of 2019 and would be Audi’s first fully electric car that fits into the SUV class but has all of the cutting-edge technology that the Audi luxury vehicles have been known for. Unfortunately, for both Audi and its fans that are eagerly awaiting its arrival Audi is delaying the production of both the E-Tron SUV as well as other models due to battery shortages from supplier LG Chem.

Unfortunately, in addition to not being able to roll out a car that is clearly in demand, Audi has to fend off the competition that fully intent on not just making inroads but dominating the EV market. Many automakers ramping up production of plug-in hybrids and electric cars that are competing for the same batteries that Audi and right now it appears LG is the only game in town. The cell batteries are in high demand from companies like Hyundai, Volkswagen, General Motors, Mercedes and of course BMW.

Waiting list for the car in Europe have expanded from 4 to 5 months all the way to just over half a year. At the New York auto show the Audi E-Tron product manager Matt Mostafaei said that the company has US orders for the car but would not specify how many. The worst part is the more you dive into the features of the car the more you see that it’s worth waiting for.

It has two electric motors one located at the front axle and the other at the rear. Together they provide electronic all-wheel drive, but the rear motor does most of the work. In regular driving situations, they make a combined 355 horsepower and 414 lb-ft of torque. However, put the transmission in Sport mode and you instantly go to 402 horsepower and 490 lb-ft. The inside has a virtual cockpit, two flush mounted touchscreens in the center, and a variety of upscale options. The take a way is that this car hits all of the points necessary to blow out of the dealerships in both the US and the UK but the production problems due to a lack of battery shipments could pull the plug on this until well into 2020 the competition and the technology will be much more competitive and stifle Audi’s momentum.

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